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PrimeTime Yachts Builds Tenders for our Megayacht Clients
The picture to the right is a rendering of two tenders 
that PrimeTime Yachts built for a recent megayacht 
client. With specific dimension and weight 
requirements, we were able to work with naval 
architect Doug Zurn to satisfy everything for this 
owner. As you can see in the picture, he wanted a 
center console, and a second more enclosed tender. They both had to be rugged, fast, and powered with twin diesels. We took this client out on an MJM 29z demo ride, and he loved the look, feel, and ride of the MJM. It had eveything he wanted but weight for his existing crane, and length was just not exactly right for his "big boat", so we built two custom tenders for him. You can see both tenders stored on the foredeck of "PLAN B" in the picture below.
PrimeTime Yachts is the dealer for a few unique Downeast style picnic boats that work perfectly as tenders for the Megayacht sector. Whether one of our semi-custom boats fits your requirements, or possibly a custom designed solution, PrimeTime Yachts can work with you to find the perfect tender. 
Sample of other PrimeTime Yacht Tenders

Both were custom built at Boston BoatWorks using a high-tech, wet pre-preg, vacuum bagged and post-oven-cured, epoxy/Kevlar/E-glass/Corecell construction method. 

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